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You can use it to fix dead, stuck or hot pixels on LCD or TFT screens, on it's notably the best solution for iOS and Mac devices at the moment.
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This can sometimes take hours, so run the utility when you don't have much else to do on your laptop. Another option is to try and massage the pixels to unstick them. Use a blunt-tipped object, such as a PDA stylus, wrapped in a soft cloth and apply gentle pressure for about 10 seconds to the stuck pixels. Remember where the problematic pixels are on your screen and turn the display off first. Turn your screen back on and look at them.

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Repeat if necessary. If your laptop is new, check your manufacturer's warranty for information about the return or replacement policy. An entire line of stuck pixels, especially on a new laptop, usually points to a manufacturing defect. Many laptop brands offer a repair or replacement policy for screens with at least five dead or stuck pixels. When in doubt, contact your manufacturer and ask. Jane Williams began her writing career in as the writer and editor of a nationwide marketing company.

Her articles have appeared on various websites. I guess I should expect this from Apple now though, most of the stuff I've bought from them hasn't been made right first time and previously when I've sent stuff back to them what I've gotten back was actually worse.

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Took multiple attempts to get one that was actually as it should be. Any chance a stuck pixel will fix itself? Anything I can do? But like I said, I've pretty much tried everything and it hasn't worked.

It looks like it attempts to shut off as it dims, but it fails to go out. Really disappointed. Rogue Leader It's a trap! Dec 22, 26, 84, 3, SoggyTissue Estimable. Jun 27, 1, 0 3, InvalidError Titan Moderator. May 18, 16, 81, 2, Stuck pixels occur due to defects or weaknesses in the panel's TFT matrix. For the most part, it is impossible to fix. On one of my LCDs, I have a purple column on black that I hadn't noticed until I played video on that monitor - I normally only use it for web browsing, text editing, etc.

No idea how long that column has been there. In my case, it could be a dead or broken connection to the column driver. SoggyTissue :.

First step: Diagnosing Hardware vs Software Problem

And instead of one dead pixel, you'll get three! InvalidError :. Jan 24, PM in response to benknobi In response to benknobi. Jan 24, PM. Feb 17, PM in response to benknobi In response to benknobi.

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Feb 17, PM. Feb 19, PM in response to justinshumaker In response to justinshumaker. Feb 19, PM.

May 13, AM in response to benknobi In response to benknobi. May 13, AM. May 16, AM in response to benknobi In response to benknobi. May 16, AM. Question: Q: Vertical 1-pixel-wide lines on display More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: justinshumaker justinshumaker. Last week I started up my MacBook Pro 2,1 and there was a yellow, 1-pixel-wide line stretching vertically from top to bottom.

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  • iMac Screen-Lines of Dead Pixels. HELP!;

Since that time, two more lines, a red and blue one, each steadily 1 pixel wide, have appeared. Any ideas as to what is causing it and how it can be fixed?

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More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Nov 6, AM in response to justinshumaker In response to justinshumaker I had the similar problem on my MacBook I am lucky enough to have a friend who was a Apple technician he did inform me it was a screen issue rather than a software glitch and he was correct.

He told me to pinch the screen on the front and back of the display lid where the web cam is. At first it made it worse but then I pinched with more pressure and it appears to have fixed the problem for now. But he did tell me that the issue will get worse and worse as time goes by and eventually I will need to replace the screen.

How to Fix Dead or Stuck Pixels